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Managing Diabetes

How do I find out if I’m eligible for NDIS funding?

The NDIS reviews each case individually and your eligibility will depend on the type of disability caused by your diabetes and the impact it has on your life.

Generally, if your diabetes has resulted in limb amputation or blindness, this is considered to be a significant permanent disability and you are therefore eligible for support through the NDIS. Often, diabetes cooccurs with another disability and this too means you’re eligible for NDIS funding.

How can NursingBears help people with Diabetes?

Our team will clearly explain how NDIS works and how to access the support you need. We take the time to understand your holistic needs including your lifestyle and cultural preferences.

The providers we recommend have been carefully assessed and can be trusted. Nursing Bears Nurses are particularly well positioned to fill the gap and improve efficiency in diabetes-related healthcare by assisting patients with insulin initiation and other aspects of glycaemic self-management.

The most valuable role of Nursing Bears is as a diabetes case manager, to ensure treatment effectiveness and patient satisfaction. The care of patients with type 2 diabetes must be tailored toward individual needs, beginning with education and adoption of an optimised treatment regimen.

If unable to inject insulin or unable to read a pen, a nurse could be funded to dial insulin and inject. The NDIS item is 15_036_0114_1_3 and comes under Improved Daily Living.