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NDIS Funding and Music Therapy Sessions?

Music therapy is a fully supported and funded activity under the NDIS. If music therapy will help you with your NDIS goals, then this is allowed under allied health support.

Nursing bears is a registered NDIS provider. Whether your funding is self-managed, plan-managed or NDIS-managed does not matter, you can use it for our in-house music therapy service in Brisbane.

The music therapy funding comes from the Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living section of your NDIS plan. For participants aged 7 years and over, the line item used is 15_615_0128_1_3 Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy or Training – Music Therapist. For participants under 7 years of age, the line item used is 15_005_0118_1_3 Capacity Building for Early Childhood Interventions – Other Professional.

Can NDIS Funding Be Used for Guitar Lessons?

If music lessons are preferred, then you can use NDIS funding from the Capacity Building – Increased Social and Community Participation section of your NDIS plan to pay for music lessons. Funding for music lessons still needs to be considered a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support that assists you to work towards your NDIS plan goals.

Instruments available for this include Guitar, Bass Guitar, or Violin.

What Are Your Goals?

When you use your NDIS capacity building funds to pay for music therapy, you must provide evidence to the NDIA (in the form of a report) that the therapy is assisting you to work towards your plan goals. For this reason, it is important that we know what your NDIS goals are. We will ask you to share the goals section of your plan.

If music therapy can help with future NDIS goals and is ‘reasonable and necessary’ support, then you can ask your NDIA planner and/or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to include funding for music therapy in your plan.

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